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Смотреть видео TOP 100 MOST VIEWED KPOP MUSIC VIDEOS May 2018 на poshloevideo.ru

This is a countdown of the 100 most viewed Kpop music videos.

This is the May update.

This video included BTS, BIGBANG, EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, GIRLS' GENERATION, GOT7, PSY and many others.

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Intro music: V, Jin (BTS) - It's Definitely You (Hwarang OST)
2nd Intro music: NCT 2018 - Black On Black
Leaving the chart music: (G)I-dle - Latata
Outro music: V, RM (BTS) - 4 O'Clock

Amazing artwork in the endscreen by Renee.
Instagram: @thisizreneesworld

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